Phelps ) ,and this became the latest NBA partner .
In 2010, UA global sales of close to $1000000000 ,this also let plank become Forbes rich list new .However, the fortune of $1000000000 and nearly 90% are from the United States the single market .
Although in the 11 years before UA entered Japan ,but so far its brand influence in the Asian region is still very limited .Nike ,rg3 nike elite jersey,Adidas relative to global and emerging market layout, UA sales are highly dependent on the American market promote decline .
This is for a still need high-speed growth of the company, is the great hidden danger .&ldquo ;I hope UA is an international brand ,after more than half of sales from markets outside of the United states .
Prackly said .The biggest challenge is how to use the first two years of time to improve UA in China and Asian market brand awareness .&ldquo ;now through our store may have 90% do not know this brand is what .
Prackly said .Therefore ,in harbor collects square underground layer of UA stores will often staged the scene ,tried on UA coat of customers was clerk poured a cup of water, to feel the clothes waterproof function .
At the same time ,on the wall near the big screen showing Phelps wearing the same clothes stand in rain advertisement .Professional functional UA products is the biggest characteristic and advantage .
Plank also athlete ,rg3 elite jersey,but he is not a major suit star ,but only the University of Maryland ( University of Maryland ) rugby team of ordinary member .He said his team ,was almost sweating during most of the team, at the time of the cotton sportswear was soaked with sweat after it difficult to maintain a comfortable ,will affect the athlete play .
Looking for a quick sweat absorption ,wicking material of the clothing and the creation of a can enhance the performance of athletes of sporting goods brand idea at that time was inspired .
Later ,rg3 impact jersey,by UA takes the lead to market a series of fast-drying ,sportswear ( moisture-wicking ) by Nike ,Reebok and other companies to follow suit .Products of the professional and high-tech let UA in channel resource is relatively immature situation in the United States market many sports brand in the talent showing itself ,especially by the occupati