Rogers Customer Appreciation Freebies

Rogers Wireless are holding Customer Appreciation. Like last year, this seems to be a lottery to see who gets a gift – not all customers do.

If you are a Rogers Wireless customer, click here to enter your phone number
Rogers CAP Experience
and see if you are a winner of a $25 promotional gift certificate to The Shopping Channel (excludes shipping, electronics and outlet purchases but no minimum purchase required) and one of three other gifts:

3/6 month magazine subscription
Wireless datapass 1.5GB month (valid for 3 months or until 1.5GB reached – not valid on iPad)
US Travel Text Pack – unlimited text while in the US in July

Gifts are non-transferable and must be used by the phone number used to login to the contest page.

I dislike when companies choose which customers to appreciate, it seems that a lot of long time Rogers customers were not able to enter their information. let us know if you get the freebies